United Pedal offers top quality traditional cycling luggage and accessories. Our products embrace classic design, rugged materials, sturdy construction and the principle that cycling kit should deliver both function and form.


United Pedal cycling kit is designed and produced in New York City. We take pride in creating uniquely American products that tap the heritage of cycling in the United States to offer modern cyclists everyday style and functionality.

Cycling today is as relevant as ever. With crowded cities, rising energy costs, and environmental degradation, life on two wheels just makes more sense. United Pedal is committed to creating accessible cycling luggage that simplifies life without compromising style. We are one more reason why every American should own a bicycle.


Our products are designed, sourced and manufactured in the USA by skilled craftsmen in New York City. Each United Pedal bag is made from durable water-resistant waxed cotton or duck canvas, natural grain cow hide leather and nickel plated hardware.

Our waxed cotton and duck canvas are manufactured in America by an expert dyehouse with two centuries of history, which supplied Allied troops during the Second World War with millions of yards of waxed fabric. Our natural grain leathers are sourced directly from the storied Garment District of New York City, and our top quality nickel hardware hails from the American heartland, where our supplier has created jobs and industry for over 100 years.

Our product philosophy merges modern construction with vintage materials and designs, creating cycling kit that is timeless and durable. Put a United Pedal bag on your bike today and rest assured it will look great for miles to come.


At United Pedal we strive to reduce our impact on the environment throughout the lifecycle of our products. We hope our bags and accessories encourage people to get out of their cars and onto their bikes more often, but we realize there is more to be done.

Thatís why we donate 1% of all sales Ė profit or loss Ė to grassroots environmental conservation efforts.


Cycling by its very nature brings us closer to our environment, and we all benefit from a cleaner and greener world. At United Pedal we will continue to look for new ways to minimize our footprint while providing the highest quality cycling luggage and accessories that make the journey as enjoyable as the destination. United Pedal is devoted to keeping our products out of landfills and on bikes. Our bags can last a lifetime, but you may not need them quite that long. Thatís why we launched the United Pedal bag recycling program.

If you are retiring a United Pedal bag, whether gently used or a veteran of the road, we will take it off you hands and find it a new home. We cover all shipping expenses back to New York City, where we do our best to restore and repurpose your bag.

If you are a cyclist who could use a United Pedal bag, but canít quite swing the price, we understand. At United Pedal we are committed to making our products available to everyone. Send us a note with your cycling story and you could be the recipient of a previously loved bag. We canít promise anything, except that if we have a bag for you it wonít cost a thing.

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